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In The Dead Of Night

by The Dahmers

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Dusk 01:35
Cut Me Down 03:32
Have you seen have you heard the latest news six people dead there's a killer on the loose Kill him, kill me, kill herl In the night there lurks a murderer when the sun goes down, so may you under the blade it's hiding in the dark will he np me apart and cut me down WILL YOU CUT ME DOWN TONIGHT CLOSE MY EYES TONIGHT Paranoid couldn't sleep al all last night will I be next as soon as I turn of the fight Can't walk, can't see, can't !hink! I can't function without a drink I can see the killers eyes inside the mirror there's someone else inside my mind we all go mad sometimes I will cut you down tonight
Don't worry time may heal the wounds in my heart, in my soul l'm sorry but I will kill you them voices in my head won't stop 'lil the day l'm dead Is it hard lo be honest with me your selling story that I buy and I believe you every lime No I don'! need you and I don't want to It is just useless braken dreams IT'S TOO LATE TO HEAL THE WOUNDS You will never be alone I am with you wherever you go
Rat Boy 02:47
Face down in the gutter tonight, as always empty pockets and a heart full of dislike, as always Laying here staring al the moon l'm coughing blood over you l'M A RAT BOY f'm down the road to ruin, as always With a mind of demons and doubt, as always
l'm a cruising rambling creeper I got blood lust on my mind my nerves are shaking my hands are idle the knife will be my guide l'm trapped in a casket and it's all surrounded by death I never reach a limit not even in your last breath OUT OF MY MIND TONIGHT YEAH YEAH YEAH THE NIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN Always out for thrills and it seems like it's haunting me my nerves are shaking my hands are idle the devil's got a grip on me l'm trapped in a casket and it's all surrounded by death I never reach a limit not even in your last breath
What's on your mind nightmares I wake up in the night I can hear you scream The sun is shining bright still rain keeps falling down and I don't know why I WAKE UP DEAD WITH YOU STILL STUCK INSIDE MY HEAD I WAKE UP DEAD AND I CAN'T REACH YOU, l'LL BE HERE ON MY OWN 'cause lime will change so you say but l'm still by your side oh can 't you see When f'm alone wiih you It turns from night to day and I don't know why
Oh no oh no you say you think l'm strange I don't belong 'cause I am I am l'm a frankenstein so I hide from the fight I know - you're gonna put me down Again - I lay on the ground I stand out in the cold howling al the moon l'M GONNA RUN AWAY INTO THE NIGHT This lime this lime I am a bal flying out from my cave into the night l'm sure l'm sure that you will feel my bite when l'm back your blood I will crave Your scream your scream 1'11 hear your scream echo through the night lt's crawling up on you
At the cemetery the fog is laying low there's something in the wind and I am not alone cold hands reaching out from the other side whispering my name in the dead of night A breeze of death comes along In this world I don't belong TO THE GRAVE AND BEYOND I have ghost they haunt me in my mind voices from the dead lead me to the fight no no no no no
Cold Skin 03:05
I´ve been walking through the graveyard with you on my mind without a breath l'm falling in love at the graveyard sweet lovely death I want your kiss 'CAUSE I LOVE THE DEAD FROM YOUR LIPS NOTHING IS SAID TIME FOR COLD SKIN Midnight visits to the graveyard your body so stift a cold caress I 'Il cum for you al the graveyard Maggots are crawling out your eyes cold as ice l'm penetrating death
Deep Red 02:27
You're wasling my lime I gotta move right now don't stand in my way l'm loosing my mind You just rather be wasted all the lime I can 't st and still or this rope will lake my lite just let me shine all I can see ... DEEP RED Nothing maners to me l'm sinking down the sand, l'm fading away You're dragging me down all I can see ... HERE TONIGHT, GONE TOMORROW
Bloodsucker 02:03
l'm cold as ice as I commit my crime Kill, kill, kill ancient thrill must go on, countless lives through the night SWIFT WINGS IN THE DARKNESS THE THIRST FOR BLOOD IS ENDLESS
Nightcrawler 04:39
NIGHT CRAWLER, f'M THE NIGHT CRAWLER CRAWLING THROUGH THE NIGHT I am the lonely one from the sewer I come I am a creature of night You are getting the creeps walking on the streets and in the alleys you see two eyes glow I know l'm moving in the shadows alone when you know l'm moving c'mon give death a kiss for the ... I am a cast away there's blood shed in my way the wolf is howling, the moon is shining bright f'm alive and i'm dead the night is colored in red my heart is cold, my soul is hollow
Dawn 01:20


released March 24, 2017


all rights reserved



The Dahmers Kristianstad, Sweden

Garage / Rock / Punk / Pop from Sweden.


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